Antenatal Class

This class exceeded our expectations, especially my husbands! The class was excellent, Elizabeth was very friendly and very easy to talk to.  There was a relaxed atmosphere and we felt we could ask her any question. The information was well organised and delivered in a clear manner.  We would highly recommend this class.

Natasha and Stephen, Co Sligo.



The class was very informative, it exceeded our expectations! It was given in an intimate relaxed atmosphere and we felt at ease to ask any questions.  Not at all intimidating, we feel we know now what to expect for the birth and we would recommend this class to any parents to be! Good information pack to take away.

Brenda and Shane, Co Mayo


I found the class very informative, it covered a variety of issues.  It met my expectations and then some! I would definitely recommend this class to other parents to be!  The instructor was very friendly and informal.  She answered all of our questions and gave a comprehensive information pack to take away on the day!  I would highly recommend this class!

Sinead, Co Sligo



Overall the class was excellent, Elizabeth is  very professional, open and knowledgeable and she puts you at ease! Being in a group of several other couples listening to their concerns and questions was great as they were asking what you were thinking and that is reassuring! It was great to complete the course in one day instead of having to attend a series of classes.  My husband and I were able to pick a day that suited us both!  We would highly recommend this class to other parents to be!


Sarah, Co Mayo.


Overall impression of the class was very good, and it was conducted in an easy going relaxed atmosphere.  Elizabeth was very easy to listen to, and delivered a comprehensive class on the day.  The class met my expectations and I would recommend it to other parents to be! 


Aisling, Co Mayo.